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SQLHunt.com is a cluster/meta search engine powered by Google's Custom Search Engine (Google CSE, part of Google CO-OP) and includes many large and small resouces about Microsoft SQL Server.

My SQL Server resourcess referenced and included in the search index consist of a large number of sites with SQL Server related resources, including articles databases, online webinars, how-to tutorials collections, implementation guides, database/sql server web forums, source code repositories, book stores, blogs, RSS feeds, magazines and magazine archives and other relevant sources.

Just to name a few resources that are included in the SQLHunt search index: Microsoft MSDN, Microsoft TechNet, SQL Server Central, SQL Junkies, Techtarget.com, SSWUG, SQL Team, Database Journal, SQLIS and SQLDTS, DevX and many more.

SQLHunt.com was created for database administrators who setup, maintain and manage SQL Server installations and look for resources to Transact-SQL, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, SQL-SMO, CLR, ADO, DTS, SP, UDF and other SQL Server features and services.

I hope you find this search engine useful. If I missed a good resource to SQL Server in the index or at my site that should be included in SQLHunt and/or my resources website, use the contact page at Cumbrowski.com to let me know about it.

Carsten Cumbrowski

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